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New Website Design

Posted 23/10/2019

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In order to be more accommodating to our customers and potential customers, we have completely revamped our website to make it easier to use. It is completely reactive, works on both mobile and desktop, and is automatically updated with data from our own database to provide you with the most up-to-date bearing category list.

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Quality Standards & Improvements

Posted 03/01/2020

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As part of our commitment to improving our quality standards and our pursuit of continuous improvement NWB recently attained ISO certification in ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 to complement our long-held certification in ISO 9001. The ISO 14001 environmental certification follows with our desire to reduce our impact on the environment. We have 14kW of solar panels on our warehouse roof which provides the majority of our electricity requirements and we wanted to put more focus onto what we can do as a small business to reduce our carbon footprint and make a positive impact on our environment.

Additionally, through our waste partner Remondis we have started to recycle a wider portion of our waste, separating cardboards, cans & plastics from our general waste. Despite being a small business we use over 1.2million single use plastic bags per year as rust protection on the bearings that we supply. We are actively in discussions with our packaging provider to look at alternative options to either use a more widely recyclable packaging or to use alternatives to bags such as rust proof papers. Trials are under way on both packaging types with a view to working towards eliminating single use plastics within our business.

Our ISO 14001 certificate can be downloaded here.

We have also attained our ISO accreditation in occupational health and safety management ISO 45001. We were already implementing many procedures required for the accreditation but pursuing the improvements for a safer and healthier work environment is something that benefits both us as a company and also the safety of our employees. All of our staff were offered the opportunity to go on both fire safety and general health and safety courses and now more than 70% of our employees are trained and have up to date certification in health and safety. Through ISO 45001 we are actively conducting reviews and implementing new policies to keep improving and make the work environment safer and a more pleasurable experience for all.

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2nd CMM Purchase at NWB

Posted 07/02/2020

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After extensive reviews of the business we have recently purchased a new Axiom too HS CMM machine to complement our existing Axiom too machine. The additional purchase means our throughput has more than doubled and allows for much quicker shipment processing as well as general inspection and the ability to use the CMM’s for reverse engineering without bottlenecks. The new CMM can measure as accurate as 2.1µm and has an operational speed 50% quicker than our previous model meaning it’s perfect for pre-recorded programs allowing one operator to run both machines at the same time.

Louis Jones the senior engineer on site at NWB commented “The additional investments in the engineering department at NWB show the commitment to streamlining the business and making the engineering department a sustainable, technology driven and profitable area of the business. Our engineering staff has doubled in the past 18 months and has had added benefits in supporting both the sales and purchasing teams by working in conjunction with the IT department to automate certain processes.”